Welcome to the Genuine Lishi Training Academy

The Genuine Lishi Training Academy is one of UK's leading auto locksmith courses providers! If you have chosen locksmithing as your career option or you want to know "how to become a locksmith" or "where can I get locksmith training" then you have come to the right place. At our training school, we provide extensive auto locksmith courses for Genuine Lishi, KeyDIY, Keyline to Eeprom and SuperVAG with professional hands-on training helping you learn the most about locksmithing.

What makes our courses so good?


You will be presented with a certificate at the end of the course to show what training you have attended.

You will be presented with a FREE Genuine Lishi user guide at the end of the course.

NNAL card front

You will receive an ID card with your name, image and NNAL membership number on which you can present to customers.

forum access

Free access to the NNAL forum as a full member (gives you access to exclusive forums and technical downloads)

technical support

The FREE technical support line is available during working hours, and we will give help and advice on any jobs and issues you may come across!

We will help you with your marketing side using our in house marketing team. This will include designing specialised leaflets and business cards, and give you all the artwork to take away and use.


We will give you a FREE guide on how to promote yourself online with websites, social media and paid for advertising.


A FREE lunch as well as a range of drinks will be available for you throughout the day.

You will have the chance to purchase heavily discounted tools and machines that you will be trained on at the training course.

exclusive tl discounts

You will be sent a special promo code that you will be able to use on www.tradelocks.co.uk to get special discounts and offers on your everyday locksmith tools and accessories!

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